Book Release – No More Dancing Chickens!



I am very excited to announce the September 11 release of my new book titled No More Dancing Chickens – Empowering Families to Stay Connected in a Disconnected World (5 Fold Media). In this book, I compare the “chicken dance” sideshow of the traveling circuses of long ago to today’s culture turning up the heat on the family. As culture continues to impose unhealthy and unrealistic expectations, it leaves us leading exhausted lives of quiet desperation, wishing for a new way to live.

Many of today’s families are also desperate to connect with one another in ways that last longer than a text message or a social media post. But due to the breakneck pace of the culture in which we live, we need a confident game plan. Without one, even our closest relationships will fall by the wayside as we concentrate on just keeping up. No More Dancing Chickens! provides an alternate route for daily living that families can immediately put into practice, allowing them to experience true, lasting connections with one another like never before.

I will post a blog soon on this site that provides information about how to order your paperback copy of the book, and how to purchase the book in e-format online.



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