Passing Our Faith To Our Kids, Part 2


The majority of people who care about faith truly desire to see some strides of faith made in the lives of their kids. But admittedly, it can feel like an overwhelmingly difficult task to know how to encourage growth in this area of our children’s lives.

Welcome to the second part of a three part blog series on passing our faith to our kids. Our one main point that we are emphasizing in these blogs is that we must learn to lead our kids spiritually by example.This begins by making sure you personally have a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you have questions about your relationship with Jesus, or where to even begin with this, you can Click here for help with this important step of faith.

Once you have begun your relationship with Christ, the second important step of leading your kids by example is learning how to create a God-centered atmosphere in your home. Please allow me to ask a simple question: what is the general atmosphere at your house? If you are like most and would like to see your family more focused on the things of God, not just while you are at church, but in your daily routine, here are a few starting ideas.

~ Have spiritual conversations with your kids. This can begin with something as simple as asking them what they are learning at church. But it does not need to stop there. We can read our Bible openly in front of our kids and share with them what we are reading and learning (Need a starting place for reading the Bible? Click here to find a plan that suites your interests and schedule). This does not have to be a thorough exegesis on what you are reading from the Bible. It can be as simple as “So, you know what I read today in the Bible? That God wants us to pray about everything!”
~ Be real. This may sound surprising at first, but we can and need to share with our children our struggles and failures (as appropriate), as well as our own questions of faith. When is the last time you have shared with your kids something specific that God is teaching you? Part of our parenting struggle comes from the illusion that we have to have all of the answers. But in matters of faith, the more real and authentic we can be with our kids regarding our own spiritual journey, the more they can learn from us. And the truth is – nobody has all of the answers! There are no spiritual experts, only learners in the grace of God.
~ Pray as a family, not only at the dinner table, but also on other occasions. It is important to let our kids know what we are praying for so that when God answers, they can see God at work firsthand. This will encourage them to desire and expect God to move in their lives.

These three things are great starting points for creating God-focused homes and leading by example. But they are in no way extensive. What is one thing you are doing, have done, or want to try that you believe adds spiritual value to your home?

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