People Still Matter to God – Here’s One Way I Know


imageWe live in such a misunderstood world, especially when it comes to social media. And I have hesitated to write this post, simply because it is so fresh off the press in my personal life. But I value transparency so much that I felt compelled to write anyway, and I hope this serves as an encouragement to you.

In church on Sunday, I sensed a fresh touch of God during the service. It wasn’t anything bizarre or weird. I just knew God was working on me. I sensed that He was preparing me for a ministry opportunity, as He has done in the past. Much of the time, it has been God preparing me to preach somewhere, or to have important God-centered conversations with someone in need. It was also during the service on Sunday that I told the Lord my answer to Him is yes to whatever He wants me to do, and that I am ready for Him to open whatever door He sees fit.

Yesterday morning “out of the blue” I received a text and email from a dear pastor friend inviting me to help him launch a Sunday morning marriage series at his church, beginning on Valentine’s Day. This is a church that runs around 600-700, and even more on big days. It’s not about the number of people in the room, except that numbers represent people, and people matter to God! In addition, pastors typically don’t just give up their pulpit on the “big days.” But this guy did! He has asked me to preach two times during the series. What an incredible honor!

Now, here’s the raw truth. I’m just a Jr high coach and P.E instructor. I’m a nobody. A knucklehead. Or to use the words of Elf, a cotton-headed ninny muggins. I love to joke around and be funny. And I love to eat monstrous amounts of peanut m&m’s. Yet, by His grace and purpose, God saw fit to prep me on Sunday to receive His divinely appointed assignment yesterday through a friend who had no idea what I had prayed on Sunday. In fact, he lives over two hours away, and we haven’t even talked since that last time I preached in his church early last year.

I have so many reasons why I shouldn’t have been picked by God for this assignment. So many broken pieces in my life. Struggles that I don’t have answers for. Personal pain that seems to have no end in sight. And the reason I’m writing this post is because I believe I may be talking to someone out there who feels like me. You feel you have been disqualified for whatever reason of ever being used as a vessel in God’s hands for a mighty purpose. And the enemy has been using the same lies on you that he has used on me: You’re too broken. You don’t have it together enough for God to use you. You aren’t smart enough. If the people around you only knew what is lying behind the scenes in your life, the mistakes, and the pain that is there…

And yet, dear friend, God, who knows ALL things, hasn’t given up on you. He sees the broken pieces, and He still cares…cares not just for you, but for the people He wants to touch THROUGH you. You see, people still matter to God! And here is one way I know that – He cares enough about people to use your deepest weakness as a means to provide strength for others. Your deepest pain to provide healing for someone else. Your deepest sense of hopelessness to bring hope to someone who can’t see it for themselves. If you’ll only let Him.

You may or may not stand in front of a congregation to share what God has spoken to you. But more importantly, someone, somewhere needs YOU. They need you to care for them. To listen to them. To love them in a way only you can. What greater calling is there than that?

I don’t know who this is for, but I trust my Heavenly Father to use this simple post in such a way as to remind you of how much He loves you, and to also nudge you off the couch and realize He is waiting to use you the moment you say yes. Because people still matter to God.


5 thoughts on “People Still Matter to God – Here’s One Way I Know

  1. Todd Burns

    Thanks for this encouraging word. We are entering a new phase in our life, and I needed to read this. Call me sometime. I’d love to talk about it.

  2. My husband is a teacher. It is his gifting. It is his calling. He’s been sitting the bench for a few years now. Partly his own doing but partly because of my insecurities in thinking he was unqualified and my not being strong enough to listen to him teach without being bitter and angry. That sound harsh, I know, but there were some deep and painful issues that we both needed to heal from and being benched was necessary for a season. My thinking he was unqualified is really just a small portion of the journey considering the support I’ve offered in the past and the support I hope to offer in the future. The thing I’ve realized is well, simply put… grace. We are all unqualified. Period. When I read your post in January your words helped to confirm in me that I’m ready, I’m healed enough. Now it’s just up to him and God to work out what happens in the future. My husband has such wisdom and clarity of deciphering the Word of God and brilliance in sharing it with others. Unqualified? Yes. Aren’t we all! Covered by grace? All the more. Perhaps it’s the grace and humility we find in our inadequacies that makes us more effective.

    • Excellent word, Andrea. So glad you shared this. And I couldn’t agree more. My wife and I both feel like we have been benched for a season (about the past three years) in order to heal from some pretty big wounds and to give God an opportunity to make all things new in us. Exciting days ahead for all of us, I believe!

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